Software Engineering for People


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Software Engineering for People


My Journey

Most important thing I learned in my journey

Most important thing I learned as an entrepreneur

Problem with Agreement: Reality distortion

Reality distortion varies

Reality distortion varies

Reality distortion varies

Reality distortion creates a listening

Reality distortion what are these two people thinking?

Reality distortion

Reality distortion

Reality distortion

Reality distortion

Reality distortion: the same thought can lead to different words

Reality Distortion

What to do about reality distortion?

Problems of Agreement in Software Engineering

Audience Poll: On What do we Agree?

On What Do We Agree: Some of My Answers

A few on which we don’t agree

Forces against agreement

Benefits to disagreeing

Absence of pressure for agreement

Benefits, when present, come slowly

Reality distortion in S.E.

But worse than reality distortion

Research in software engineering (RSE) is not software engineering (SE)

If academics did use SE in RSE:

PPT Slide

“Software Engineering” is a poor model of Software Engineering

How can we understand S.E. better? (in industry and academia)

Skill is not enough

What values do our practices and courses teach?

Learning is always joining a community

Example of learning and community

Important Community Issues for Software Engineering Education


The Tacit Dimension from philospher Polanyi’s book by same name

The periphery informs and creates the center

The Flow State and the Tacit Dimension

User interfaces for flow: “Calm Technology”

Successes of Humanities-Inspired C.S.


Buggy code

A modest grading proposal:

Community, revisited

Academics are members of a foreign community



Agree to Agree

My metrics for ICSE in 5 years

Author: Mark Weiser


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