Pictures from my trip to Buzios, Brazil, May 15-17, 1998.

-mark weiser

These pictures were taken with Cora Ronai's sony digital camera at medium resolution. They are pictures of a scuba and snorkeling trip to the islands off of Buzios. Photos by Mark Weiser except as otherwise noted.

 My host Cora Ronai, and me. Photo by Henry Koltys.


 Bia Ronai, daughter of Cora. Bia was also our driver and guide to the underground.


 Mark Weiser and Henry Koltys, another visitor from the United States. Photo by Cora Ronai.

 Mark sitting on the boat with the island behind, wearing his band T-shirt. Photo by Bia Ronai.

 Some of the fishing boats in one of the main harbors of Buzios.

 Another good-looking boat.

 Fishermen with their boats.