Ubiquitous Computing Movies

Ubiquitous Computing Movies

The following scenes together are a complete movie about ubiquitous computing at Xerox PARC. For an introduction to ubiquitous computing, view the opening and closing movies. In depth information about tab and pads are in their segments. And a use of pads and liveboards together is in the tea scene.

All movies are in apple quicktime format.

Ubicomp Opening (2.8mb, 1m10s)

Ubicomp Tabs (13.3MB, 5m45s)

Ubicomp Pads (6.7MB, 3m)

Ubicomp Tea Area Scene (5.3MB, 2m13s)

Ubicomp Closing (1.9MB, 48s)

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Weiser, April 21, 1995 11:19:43 pm PDT