Sample acceptance letter, SOSP 15

Sample acceptance letter, SOSP 15

Dear Author:

The SOSP program committee has completed its work of selecting the papers for the 15th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles. The primary focus of the twenty-two accepted papers fell into these groupings: three on the kernel, one on networking, four on file systems, three on mobile systems, four on system performance, two on fault-tolerance, three on virtual memory, one on distributed shared memory, one on multimedia, and one on process migration. Four of the twenty were forwarded to the ACM Transactions on Computing Systems (TOCS) with our recommendation for acceptance in the TOCS special SOSP issue in February 1996. New this year, the program committee also recommended an additional eleven (11) papers for an SOSP poster session.

The papers this year were excellent, and as always there were many more good papers than could be accepted. I am very happy to tell you that your paper, -------------------, was accepted, subject to shepherding, to the main SOSP program. Your shepherd is ------------------------, ---email--------. Please contact your shepherd for more specific information about the changes required in your paper for final acceptance. Your final paper should be ready by August 18. 1995 -- it should be approximately the same length as your original submission.

This year we plan to produce a CD-ROM containing the SOSP proceedings and supporting source code. When you've finished revising your paper, we'll want you to provide a final version in PostScript or PDF (Acrobat) format. If this will be difficult for you, please contact our CD-ROM czar, Andrew Birrell ( as soon as possible; we can probably to arrange to accept some other format. The deadline for having the PostScript or PDF of your final paper available will be August 18th, 1995. In a later message, we'll give you more details on how you should format your paper (when we've made them up).

We strongly encourage you to provide source code related to the results described in your paper. This helps bring our subject closer to being a science: by letting others inspect your source, they can understand your results in more detail, and perhaps even reproduce them. You don't need to supply a fully functioning or buildable system - source code for browsing will be enough. Please let Andrew Birrell ( know if you will be providing source code; let him know soon if you want to supply more than about 20 MBytes of code. The deadline for source code will be the same as for the final version of your paper. We don't currently intend to include object code on the CD, but you can try to persuade us (via e-mail) if you'd like to.

Please don't try to email your source code to us: we'll come by and pick it up by FTP or HTTP.

I have enclosed a set of comments on your paper. Some comments were written by program committee members, others by outside authors, others (if you authorized this) by student reviewers. Each different comment is proceeded by two numbers; the first is the internal tracking number for your paper, the second is the preliminary ranking from 1 to 5 (1 being best) given your paper by that commentator. These rankings were often changed in later discussions, and the changes are not shown. Please consider these comments when preparing your revised paper.

The committee offers you its very best wishes for your work. Please contact me by email if you have any questions. Sincerely Yours,

Mark Weiser
Fifteenth SOSP Program Chair
cc: Andrew Birrell
cc: -----shepherd-------

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