15th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles Program Chair Page

15th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles Program Chair Page

Welcome to the web page by me, Mark Weiser, program chair for the 1995 ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles. Here is the forward to the SOSP proceedings.

At the actual SOSP conference, a show of hands indicated that all attendees had visited the SOSP web page, and 75% of attendees had read at least one of the SOSP papers online from the webpage prior to attending.

The Official SOSP-15 page by the conference chair has full conference info, registration information, schedule, forms, and travel information.

Seventeen Work-In-Progress Presentations have been selected by the WIP Czar, Mike Jones (with advice from the program committee).

Here is the front-matter for the proceedings.

The accepted papers are listed here. A sample acceptance letter is available.

new! Four of the twenty-two were forwarded to the ACM Transactions on Computing Systems (TOCS) with our recommendation for acceptance in the TOCS special SOSP issue in February 1996. They are described in the Foreword to the special TOCS issue.

Because of the many outstanding papers this year, the SOSP Program Committee elected to have a small poster session to highlight some of the excellent work that would not fit in the program. Because the work described in the posters will certainly be appearing elsewhere, these posters will *not* be published, but are only available for private discussion among SOSP attendees. Frans Kaashoek (kaashoek@lcs.mit.edu) is in charge of this session.

There will be an SOSP CDROM this year, with electronic copies of papers, and source (and sometimes object) code for many of the systems described by accepted papers and posters. Contact Andrew Birrell (birrell@pa.dec.com) for more info.

There will be the traditional Work-In-Progress session this year. Mike Jones (mbj@microsoft.com) is in charge this year.

A copy of the instructions for authors, including ACM copyright and on-line access instructions.

Here is the SOSP 95 Call for Papers. (Same thing, better formatting, in postscript).

Information about the Copper Mountain Resort, which includes a live weather camera. And Copper Mountain's own web page.

Important Dates:

The primary focus of the twenty-two accepted papers fell into these groupings: three on the kernel, one on networking, four on file systems, three on mobile systems, four on system performance, two on fault-tolerance, three on virtual memory, one on distributed shared memory, one on multimedia, and one on process migration.

Mark Weiser (weiser@ubiq.com)
last updated January 2, 1996